How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun and Tips for Reversing Sun Damage

Sunlight is an essential part of life, and it does a lot of good for the body. It helps you maintain healthy levels of vitamin D, improves your mood, and even boosts your immune system. However, sunlight can be harsh on your skin if you are not careful. 

Too much sun exposure can lead to premature aging and sun spots. It can also put you at risk of developing skin cancer. Skin cancer is becoming more common among young people and is almost 100% avoidable with proper care.

The best way to protect your skin is to build sun protection habits into your daily routine. And if your skin is already showing signs of damage, there are helpful sun damage skin treatments that can help reverse some of the signs. 

Read on for tips on how to protect your skin and recommendations for effective sun-damage skin care products.

Tips to Protect Your Skin from the Sun 

Protecting your skin from the sun is not something to do every once in a while. Skin protection should be a daily habit that you adopt into your everyday routine. 

While wearing protection even part-time is better than nothing, any time you leave your skin exposed to the sun, you are at risk for damage. 

Here are some practical and effective ways to protect your skin and avoid future sun damage.

Use Sunscreen Daily

Sunscreen is a critical part of any skin care routine and should be applied every day. You’ve probably seen an SPF rating on most sunscreens. The SPF rating measures the product’s effectiveness in blocking harmful UV rays. The higher the rating, the better the protection. Most experts advise using at least an SPF 30 on a daily basis. 

You should prioritize putting sunscreen on your face, but don’t forget about other parts of your body that may be exposed.

One mistake that many people make is only wearing sunscreen when it is sunny out. You may not realize that even when it is cloudy or rainy out, the sun’s UV rays are getting to your skin and can cause sun damage. So make sure to add sunscreen to your everyday routine. 

Be Mindful of Outdoor Time

It’s great to spend time outdoors to get fresh air and a healthy amount of sunlight. However, when it comes to skin protection, you should be mindful of your sun exposure when outdoors. The sun is strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

During these hours, you are most prone to skin damage from the sun’s rays and should wear sun protection or seek shade. In addition, if you can avoid spending hours upon hours outdoors regularly, that will go a long way in protecting your skin. 

If you are spending extended periods of time outdoors, make sure to reapply sunscreen, as most sunscreens lose effectiveness over the course of the day.

Wear Protective Clothing and Accessories

Protective clothing can be even more effective than sunscreen when protecting your skin from the sun. Any fabric that protects your skin from direct sunlight can make a big difference in preventing damage. 

Long-sleeved shirts and long pants that are light in color are best. Also, look for close-knit clothing, as opposed to low-quality materials that UV rays may still break through. You can even look into clothing that is specially made with sun-protective materials. 

In addition to clothing, try to wear protective accessories like sunglasses and hats when outdoors. Hats should cover your ears and neck for maximum protection. Look for sunglasses with a 99% or higher UV absorption rating.

Tips for Reversing Sun Damaged Skin

Sun damage to the skin happens when it is overexposed to the sun. UV rays penetrate skin several layers and cause changes at the cellular level. These changes result in negative changes like sun spots and an increased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The hard part about sun damage to the skin is it isn’t always obvious until the damage is in advanced stages. For some people, their skin looks flawless, but when they test their skin with UV photography at a dermatologist, it reveals extensive sun damage.

Before you ever see visible signs of sun damage, you can take action to reverse some of that damage. Here are a few tips and sun damage skin care products to incorporate into your sun-damaged skin treatment routine. 

Wash Your Face Daily

Washing your face daily may seem like a tip better suited for preventing acne or slowing down aging, but it is an important part of sun damage skin treatment as well. Washing your face ensures that you are getting rid of unwanted dirt and particles that can also contribute to signs of aging. 

Washing your face removes all of your day’s stress, including products that you may not want to leave on your skin overnight. It also creates a clean surface so that your other products to reverse sun damage can have maximum impact. 

For a gentle but effective daily cleanser, try our Rice Milk + Rose Face Crème Cleanser. Loaded with rose flower oil, amino acids, and our special blend of goodness, this cleanser washes away the day’s impurities leaving your skin refreshed, smooth, and moisturized.

Use Products with Vitamin C

One of the best ways to recover from sun damage is to incorporate products with vitamin C into your routine. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help restore your skin and reverse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Regular use of vitamin C accelerates the production of two critical natural elements: collagen and elastin, both of which make your skin look more balanced, healthy, and youthful. Vitamin C is a natural compound, so it is gentle on your skin and works with your body naturally to restore skin.

Vitamin C has also been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation, which is a common condition caused by sun damage. Daily use of vitamin C can help even out your skin’s color, restoring its natural look. You can incorporate vitamin C in a variety of ways, including through your moisturizer, various serums, and some masks.


Regular exfoliation can be an effective way to revive your skin and reverse sun damage. There are a variety of ways to exfoliate, from gentle scrubs to chemical peels. The method that is best for you will depend on the extent of your sun damage.

When you exfoliate your skin, it reveals the new skin underneath, which can appear smoother and less pigmented. Exfoliation is great for the whole body, so don’t be afraid to exfoliate from head to toe. 

For a powerful but gentle full-body exfoliator, try our Pomegranate Sugar Scrub. This scrub exfoliates and refreshes skin with an amazingly effective trio of exfoliants and a triple dose of moisturizers. 

One note of caution when it comes to exfoliating. When used on their own, exfoliators are effective and safe. However, it can be dangerous to mix multiple treatments, especially if you are using a chemical exfoliant. Always use caution and try a test patch on your skin before applying it to your whole body.


If you’ve already gotten a little more sun than you planned to, our Coconut Milk+Verbena Correcting Gel might be just what you need. Apply this lavish gel to your skin and enjoy the effects of heat-minimizing ingredients like cooling aloe vera and green tea. While you can’t go back in time, you can help your skin to heal more effectively after sun exposure by applying the right ingredients to soothe and renew your skin.


Hydration is an important part of any skincare routine but is especially important for sun-damaged skin treatment. When your skin is dry, it can’t effectively repair itself and generate new skin cells that keep your skin looking balanced and youthful. In addition, dry skin tends to accentuate signs of sun damage like cracks, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

Finally, when your skin is not properly hydrated, other products you use to reverse the signs of sun damage won’t be as effective. 

For a daytime moisturizer, try our Moisture Replenishing Day Cream with Bakuchiol. This product provides deep moisturization and also anti-aging benefits. 

The ultra-emollient formula is packed with restorative, anti-aging ingredients like Bakuchiol, a 100% natural substitute for retinol, to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

After a long day, try our Rose Hip + Lotus Firming Sleep Mask for intense hydration. This mask works overnight to strengthen and revive skin while you sleep using soothing botanical ingredients. 

Getting Results for Your Sun Damaged Skin

Reversing signs of sun damage is not a process that happens quickly. It takes consistent and effective skin treatment and dedication to protecting your skin from further damage. With proper protection and skin care, you can stop sun damage and be well on your way to restored and refreshed skin. 

At Whish, we use high-quality, gentle, plant-based ingredients so you can revive your skin without using harsh chemicals. We’re here to help you on your skin journey and find the perfect routine that works for you.