Skin Care Is the New Frontier for Men Who Want to Look Good and Feel Good

The modern man is always looking for ways to hack his body with cutting-edge workout regimens and optimized eating plans. But many men skip over skin care — an essential part of maintaining your appearance and revitalizing skin. Skin care for men was borne from the concept that skin care is for everyone, even if every skin care product isn’t.

Whish has developed a revolutionary men’s skin care line that emphasizes the best parts of skin care in their basic forms. The new men’s skin products from Whish offer the same high-quality products with unique formulations and scents that were designed with men and masculinity in mind. 

Whish understands that some men might still shy away from skin health and pampering. This product line aims to make skin care approachable and even desirable for men of all ages. 

Exercise, Diet, Skin Care 

Health and beauty are starting to merge, especially in the skin care community. Gone are the days of “gym, tan, laundry.” Having a healthy body is becoming equally as important as looking good. 

If men take their gains seriously and get enough protein and vitamins but neglect their skin care, they only solve part of the equation. And men are starting to take notice and feel empowered to tend to an often forgotten aspect of self-care. 

Whish has a men’s skin care set that can fill in the gaps without any overwhelming products that make lofty promises. It’s straightforward skin care that yields results and keeps skin looking and feeling fresh. 

A good skin care regimen is Whish’s mission, and all of our men’s skin care products are made with botanical ingredients and free from harmful chemicals.

Become Part of the Men’s Skin Care Revolution

If you’re getting your feet wet in the world of skin care for men, or if you’re unhappy with the products you currently offer your clients, the men’s skin products from Whish are perfect for you. 

If you’re ready to help men everywhere elevate their looks and optimize their routines, you’ll need to learn why investing in the future of men’s skin care is a great move for your business.

Men Care About How They Look

Contrary to the age-old stereotypes, many men care more about their appearance than they will admit. It’s a significant part of why exercise and diet are a cornerstone of many men’s magazines and advertisements. 

But only recently has the stigma around looking your best started to wane, making it more common for men to be on the hunt for the best skin-enhancing products.

Over the past five years, the men’s skin care business has skyrocketed, and the competition for quality products has never been fiercer. Because of this, men are much more savvy and discerning than when the boom first started. 

It takes more than a gimmick or clever packaging to attract prospective buyers. The product needs to be quality because many men now know the difference. Whish’s products have a leg up on many of our competitors. We know the kind of care men crave. 

Our Whish Men aftershave gel formula focuses on preventing ingrown hairs and helps skin stay soft. It’s also an alcohol-free aftershave, which will have men everywhere breathing a sigh of relief that they don’t have to feel the burn every time they shave.

Men Seek Simplicity

There’s certainly a market for men who want meticulous skin care that addresses each issue individually with an array of products. But the everyman would rather pick up something that can multitask. 

That doesn’t mean they’re looking for just any old thing to throw on, but it does mean that products that solve more than one problem are infinitely more attractive to the average male customer.

The Whish Men shave cream provides more than a comfortable, clean-cut shave. It features moisturizing ingredients like olive squalane and shea butter to help improve skin texture. Green tea and coconut oil help stop redness in its tracks or reduce any existing redness. 

Will it be enough for the most discerning gentleman who needs a dedicated AM and PM moisturizer? No, but it’s an excellent catch-all for any man who would like to kill two birds with one stone, and that covers a large portion of your customer base.

Men Want Results

It’s ideal for a business to carry a good balance of affordable and premium products. Low-cost skin care could be alluring to some men looking for a bare-bones regimen. However, it doesn’t matter how inexpensive the products you carry are if they don’t deliver results. If men don’t solve their skin care concerns, they won’t be back for more. 

If you aren’t focusing on products that work, regardless of cost, you’re doing yourself and your customers a disservice.

Whish Men products are the happy medium for your business. Our products are all made with premium, botanical ingredients that come from nature. Ingredients like jojoba seed oil, omega-3s, and shea butter are all proven to provide nourishing benefits to the skin while also being gentle. 

We take great care and pride in developing formulas that work for everyone. And participants in a third-party perception study overwhelmingly reflected our core goals: 100% of participants in the study said that our shave cream gave their skin a softer and smoother feel as well as a close shave. 

In addition, 96% of the participants said they would prefer the Whish shave cream to other shaving creams. The results are in: The men’s skin products at Whish deliver the results men want.

Men Prefer Men’s Skin Products That Focus on Fresh and Simple

Most men seek skin care with masculine scents or even no scent, depending on how involved their regimen is. They want products that help them feel confident and comfortable. 

There’s a delicate balance between scents and packaging that are masculine and welcoming without looking like they were designed by someone who views today’s men as insecure or fragile. 

These days, “masculine” doesn’t have to mean “aggressive.” The in-your-face approach to men’s skin care marketing is dying out, and younger generations tend to prefer something more streamlined.

The line of men’s skin care products at Whish leans into masculine energy, in a way that lets the results of each product shine more than anything else. Scents like Fight ClubGolf Club, and Yacht Club all evoke a specific place, time, and kind of man. 

But we don’t weigh our products down with stereotypical masculine pomp. Instead, we focus on great-smelling products that don’t shy away from using ingredients that get the job done. 

Men care about using products free of harmful chemicals and with a clearly labeled ingredients list way more than they do about putting something on their body that sounds like it describes protein powder or pre-workout.

Men Still Need to Know What Something Is

While many consumers of men’s skin care are starting to understand the differences among the various products, others are learning what different ingredients do. 

The male customer isn’t interested in language or packaging that isn’t clear; the label should describe what problem the product will solve. Many men’s skin care products say what they do, but they’re unclear about how they accomplish it. 

The line of men’s skin care at Whish couldn’t be more straightforward to use. Our goal is to educate consumers who purchase men’s skin care on what each ingredient is and why it’s in there in hopes that they’ll discover why something does or doesn’t work for them. 

It’s an olive branch to any men who feel left out of the skin care conversation and don’t fully understand what a product can do for them. The average male customer appreciates a transparent approach to finding a product they need without having to read between the lines.

In a Sea of Cosmetic Competitors, Be Stiff Competition

Spas and department stores everywhere are carrying skin care for men. But not all of them will do their homework on their target audience. If you’re interested in going the well-researched route, then you owe it to your customers to invest in products that men actually want, rather than ones that are simply marketed to them.

Spending some extra time learning about men’s skin products will pay dividends in a growing market, and you’ll want to team up with a company that’s ready to grow with you. 

Men work out. Men watch what they eat. And men want the best products for their skin. Be their go-to place for skin care, because once they find a fantastic, affordable product that works for them, you’ve gained a ferociously loyal customer.